We work with public institutions and private organizations
to design innovative and engaging solutions
in digital and physical environments.




Too’s Francesco Bagni, working with Animali Sociali, uses a design thinking approach to design the new residence building and habitat solution for nonprofit organization Coop Lesignola.

By means of Design Thinking process, you can re-image your business and transform the way products, services and processes are developed.

We work with companies and organizations through this innovation path, and we provide strategies and tools that support and create efficient solutions.

We design spaces and environments for the diverse and changing needs of customers. We craft evocative and functional places for working, living, learning and play.

Our interdisciplinary team works on:

  • Exhibition design
  • Building for education
  • Technical and energy related building implementation
  • Private housing and public building
  • Restore and reuse of classified buildings
  • Urban and landscape interventions
  • Engineering and other specialty services

We carefully design the experience of your users: a meaningful experience is our goal in every product and service, both digital or physical.

We are experts in:

  • User experience
  • Interaction design
  • Interface design
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Information Architecture

Digital media are ever more part of our life. We design and realize engaging experiences on multiple media and platforms, choosing for each project the most appropriate technology and communication strategy.

We provide:

  • Websites
  • Touch table and touch screens
  • Mobile application
  • Digital archives
  • Custom digital installations

We coordinate meaningful research operations that  unconver valuable insights and enable compelling design opportunities definition. Working collaboratively with our clients we plan a viable and effective path for change.

The strategic research phase consists of:

  • Research and analysis of market and competitors
  • Design opportunity definition, goal setting
  • Review existing work and products
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • User interviews and observations, to understand needs and behaviour
  • Personas and scenarios

Each problem requires dedicated solutions. Matching the right working process, smart team and proper insights, we generate meaningful ideas focused on the project goals and effective to your business.

The design phase consists of:

  • Brainstorming and ideation
  • Concepts and design vision
  • framework and design structure
  • Information architecture and content strategy
  • project schemes and diagrams


In the design development and execution phase we constantly care for details, may them be fabrication, graphics or technologic details.

We believe that passion and quality build innovative and successful products.

We review skills and know how needed to enhance each project’s phase and we build a properly scaled team.

By coordinating all the contributing resources, from experts to suppliers, we lead the way through execution and completion.

Microtouristic experiences, place-based storytelling

We build engaging narrative environments that enhance the exploration and visiting experience of tourists and locals.

How might we effectively preserve and communicate the cultural heritage related to a specific place? How might we transform cultural heritage in real microtouristic experiences? Via both digital tools and physical facilities, Aru® develops and builds placebased narrative experiences and engages users while they’re immersed in the physical exploration of the place.

Architectural and exhibition design of an outdoor multipurpose space

Developed for Kaiti Expansion, the design for the Emilia-Romagna outdoor space at Expo2015 were sober and essential so that the communication elements, and the activities due to be sheltered there, would maintain the main visual role.

Within a short time frame we delivered a highly functional solution that met all the stakeholders need while providing space for a unique narration of the regional food and culturale heritage.

Renovation and extension of local winery building

Since 15 years at Storchi winery they build a reputation of refined wine producers. As the sales grow, production and exhibit spaces require extension, an optimization of the functional layout, as well as a renovated atmosphere and spatial design.

We designed and supervised a complete renovation of the existing building, with great attention to the most valuable spatial pivots such as the shop space and the aging rooms, where grapes are prepared to become raisin wine and where bottles rest to age.

Food promotion & shop space

A place where visitors taste local food and get relevant information on producers and the territory: a simple promotion-focused scheme that we fit into an historical villa, landmark of the food production area, in Bologna.

We delivered an integrated promotion environment comprised of: visual identity, interiors, exhibition furniture and appliances, plus storytelling tools designed to be implemented into full deployed strategies following the shop’s scaling plan.

Language training center interiors and identity strategy

A learning space that teachers can adapt to their own working schemes, and where students can find flexible areas enabling peer to peer confrontation. We designed this integrated environment involving classroom setting, school common spaces, visual communication and technologies layout.

“We want Idea Language Center to become a welcoming environment, inspiring openness and exchange while communicating thorough reliability for our service.”

Francesco Bagni


He worked in Athens and Rome as an architect, and is currently based in Bologna. He works to build meaningful and playful experiences for each project’s audience, bridging narrative strategies and architectural space.

Marco Denti

Industrial Designer

With a substantial know how of all the stages of architecture and built environment industry, he’s also an expert in industrial design after a 10 years collaboration with Dino Gavina. He builds on a deep understanding of production processes optimization and an inspiring poetic take for his designs.

Monica Gambini

Exhibition Designer

Working on building restoration, architecture, exhibition design for public and private institutions and coordinating all phases from preliminary design to execution management. She aims at sustainable interventions that resonate with cultures and landscape.

Ivan Pecorari

Interaction Designer, Architect

He works exploring the intersection of Interaction Design and architecture, in Italy and abroad. He designed and realized several installations and exhibitions for public and private organizations. He curently lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa.

Cristina Toni


Licensed Architect since 2015. She worked with a range of architectural practices and has been design consultant for local manufacturing companies. Interested in spatial design and restoration, new technologies and design techniques.

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